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Beyond its portfolio of active internal projects, Langenburg is currently vetting prospective end-users of its technology accelerator services for various industrial and civil infrastructural applications.


Langenburg welcomes entities demonstrating financial clout and ability to present a viable and secure project platform that is in late-stage development, or near operational status.  Project proposals can also be existing facilities ready to utilize our equipment retrofits.

The intent of the service agreement's use license and equipment lease is to extend a project's operational performance specification, capability and production volume while rendering absolute zero-emission, zero-residual, and zero-carbon cleantech standards not possible from any other technology.


INQUIRE  with a project by submitting the form at the end of this page

INTRODUCE  a project by letter of interest for a viability assessment

PROPOSE  a project-based engagement and feasibility study by formal letter of intent



Inquiries, introductions and proposals are accepted ONLY from the prospective end-user of our tech services; a singular entity that owns, controls and will operate the project, that is financially responsible to formally engage, seeking to become beneficiary to a revenue share agreement between itself and Langenburg (service provider).


Proposals regarding regenerative spa applications will be announced soon.





SERVICE PROVIDER;   Langenburg Technologies (LT) in Eugene Oregon USA is the exclusive, and only global service provider of Langenburg Core Technology™ solutions and services.  Available by long-term equipment lease and revenue share agreement, Langenburg offers the opportunity to extend capacity and performance specification that is not possible by any other technology or conventional method.  This website is the only approved portal to engage technology accelerator services from Langenburg.


APPLICATIONS OF LANGENBURG CORE TECH SOLUTION™;   Presented, is a suite of core tech solutions that together in synergy, are capable of upgrading an entire metropolitan region to operate on a self-sustaining basis for its energy, water and waste provisions.  Langenburg's mission is to solve the most complex problems using its highly-advanced core tech for civil-industrial and also for regenerative spa applications.


PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS;   Langenburg works directly, and only with prospective Clients that will become the End-User of its Technology Accelerator Services; excluding any independent representing parties/entities.  E-mailed inquires are preferred that contain the prospective End-User's website domain name (not those sourced from free e-mail services).


STANDING TO PROPOSE A PROJECT;   The project is proposed by the prospective End-User, with corresponding site controls in order to qualify for a renewable term of service.  Langenburg can work with an ancillary party/entity having corporate authority, that is legally authorized to act on behalf of the project's owner/controller will become the End-User in the MOU with the Service Provider (Langenburg).  Only the payor of the Engagement Fee and Project Feasibility Study, who has also signed the Langenburg NDA, will have standing to submit key items of the Langenburg Project Engagement Docket (outlined below). 


To ensure effective interaction with the Langenburg Director of Projects, the client's authorized liaison should be qualified in matters such as municipal utilities, civil engineering/design, and industrial project management/development.


INITIAL PROJECT VIABILITY ASSESSMENT;   To qualify for project-based engagement, the candidate entity that owns and controls a proposed project and/or existing facility accepts Langenburg Company Policy as presented on this web page.  A letter of interest introduces the singular entity owner/controller of the proposed project, making a request for services (see following guide).  Ongoing conversation is established after signature of a Langenburg (non-mutual) NDA, and submission of a Letter of Interest or formal Letter of Intent, to seek formal engagement between the End-User and Service Provider.


Projects are evaluated by their readiness at the time of presentation and by their value proposition.  Readiness and viability potential are considered in preparation for a required Feasibility Study performed by, and certified by Langenburg's Director of Projects who will then advocate on behalf of the proposed project to the Langenburg funding institutions.


Proposed projects must be mature as possible in their development stage, ready (as close to "plug'n-play" as possible) for build-out and/or retrofits.  Langenburg cannot consider speculative projects, mission-based concepts, or any offers made by parties that are legally independent from the prospective client end-user. 


VIABLE, PROFITABLE, SECURE AND ACCESSIBLE PROJECT PLATFORM;   Langenburg Technology Accelerator Services will require a viable and secure project installation platform provided by the client, in which Langenburg must be guaranteed unencumbered access to the property at all times throughout the term of service.  Full, unencumbered access to the project site is necessary to operate and maintain its equipment and systems throughout the full term of the renewable term of the Use License and Lease Agreement – however a majority of operational management is accomplished via satellite telemetry.


TECH SERVICES BY RENEWABLE EQUIPMENT LEASE AGREEMENT;  Langenburg finances up-front costs of the systems it will lease – including materials, customized design, construction, configuration, delivery, installation and setup, and retains ownership of the system's equipment used by the client throughout the term of the lease and service agreement.  The owner of the project's facility is responsible for cost of the project and its preparations in order accept ("plug'n-play") connections of Langenburg's equipment.  Both the End-User and Service Provider are incentivized to ensure continuous operation and sale of the products of the system by sharing of the revenues.  The Use, Lease, and Revenue Share agreements are aspects of the overall Service Agreement and are attached to the Memorandum of Understanding.



REVIEW  and agree with the Langenburg Project-Based Engagement Model and Company Policy on this web-page.

REVIEW  and agree with the Langenburg Media Usage Policy at the bottom of this web-page following the inquiry form.

INTRODUCE  the project for consideration, along with the entity seeking engagement in the below inquiry form on this web-page.

FOLLOW-UP about the project proposal and its owner/controller, in limited general discussions  with Langenburg Global.

PROPOSE  the project with overview describing its development stage, and request for services in a letter of interest.

AUTHENTICATE  a letter of interest on letterhead of the project owner/controller who will financially qualify the engagement.

INITIATE ongoing detailed discussions  regarding the proposed project after signing a Langenburg (non-mutual) NDA.

APPOINT  a liaison to legally act on behalf of the project's owner/controller, qualified to discuss the project's evaluation.

QUALIFY  for engagement by financial certification with bank-certified proof-of-funds, along with a formal letter of intent.

SECURE  construction and utility agreements: water & power purchase agreements (WPA/PPA) – attached to draft MOU.

ENGAGE  by engagement fee, and finalized MOU with attached revenue share, services, equipment lease, and utilities agreements.

COMPLETE  by purchase, the required project feasibility study that is performed and certified by Langenburg.

BUILD AND/OR RETROFIT the project facility in accordance to the certified feasibility study.

RENEW  (optional) the lease upon successful completion of the typical 20-year term.


Note:  underlined items above are required key items of the Engagement Docket – listed below:


INQUIRY FORM   to establish potential Client case, found near the end of this page for online submission.

LETTER OF INTEREST  from prospective Client with request for services, introductions, and overview of Proposed Project.

LANGENBURG NON-MUTUAL NDA  with signature by the prospective Client entity or legally appointed liaison.

BANK-CERTIFIED PROOF-OF-FUNDS  to financially qualify the prospective Client entity responsible for Engagement Fee.

FORMAL LETTER OF INTENT  from intended client with Request for Services, prospectus and specification of Proposed Project.

CONSTRUCTION & UTILITY AGREEMENTS  enabling construction/modification/operation of project installation platform.

DRAFT MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING  + revenue share, services, lease, operating, construction & utilities agreements.

LANGENBURG FEASIBILITY STUDY  performed and certified by Langenburg's Director of Projects (licensed engineer in Germany).

FEES FOR ENGAGEMENT AND FEASIBILITY STUDY  project dependent paid by the Client End-User to the executed MOU.

SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE  (if applicable)  provided by the intended nation state or large municipality.



Other than this website, no other online or social media site is sanctioned to act on behalf of Langenburg as a gateway to its solutions and services, or to officially represent any of its narratives and technical graphics/diagrams.  Other sources may include:  independent entities, agencies, brokers, institutions, investment firms, governments, developers, utilities, industries, municipalities, alliances, associations, freelance representatives, strategic alliances, finding agents, websites, online social media entities or blogs, any other companies, or any online presentation that is not included on this website – and also any legacy sources that may have had, or formerly claimed affiliation with Langenburg.


All financial transactions are managed exclusively through the office of Prinz Albrecht zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg at Langenburg Global headquarters, named in the Contact section of this site.   AVOID FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS WITH  PARTIES/ENTITIES CLAIMING TO REPRESENT LANGENBURG.


Use Langenburg branding, its official company logo, designs, narratives and presentations, royal insignia such as the crest of The Dynastic Lords of Langenburg and The Princes of Hohenlohe is unauthorized, unless distributed under the direction of Langenburg Global headquarters in Eugene Oregon USA.  Sharing of this official website (by link) in its whole original form, is encouraged for any online media reference by the general public.  The Langenburg official website currently carries the top SEO position for searching on the Google search engine, and can also be found on Facebook, and Linked-IN.  Please beware of online presences offering representation, assistance, and exclusive gateways to our technology services available directly from this website. 



Langenburg is selective in its evaluation of prospects for engagement, based upon factors including:


     –  quality of the letter of intent and prospectus

     –  value of the project's long-term operational and market productivity

     –  capability of the entity seeking engagement to actualize completion of a project 

     –  absence of potential conflicts

     –  evidence of a mature project development stage; unless an existing facility to be upgraded by Langenburg

     –  clarity and degree of specificity regarding the service request (in the letter of interest/intent)


Exhibits of a specific project should be available for Langenburg's consideration at the moment of presentation of letter of interest, or submission of a formal letter of intent.  For existing facilities, the project must be available to receive Langenburg retrofits, upgrades and necessary utility connections to initiate operation.


Speculative and open possibilities are generally not considered unless backed by a holistic development capability evidenced by a case history.


In the memorandum of understanding between two parties, Langenburg Technologies is the exclusive service provider for applications of core tech solutions developed by Langenburg Research.


In the memorandum of understanding between two parties, the end-user is client to Langenburg's technology accelerator services, and the owner and controller of a project facility.


The Langenburg Project-Based Engagement Model is the only pathway to formal engagement.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be by and between the end-user (single engaged entity) and the service provider (Langenburg) under a 20-year renewable lease agreement and revenue share agreement.  The security mechanisms include bankable instruments such as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Water Purchase Agreement (WPA), and Waste Remediation Agreement (WRA), and other material processing and production agreements.  The Langenburg-performed Feasibility Study also becomes a bankable instrument upon certification, that is used in combination with elements of the MOU package, for submission to Langenburg-affiliated financial institutions that have pre-vetted Langenburg Technology.  The financing covers the custom design, manufacture, delivery, and installation of the physical systems that will be under licensed use in accordance to the lease agreement.


The End-User of Langenburg's Technology Accelerator Services must be the sole end-user, and direct beneficiary of the core technology solution.  Any prior independent consulting and contributing parties to a project must be legally consolidated into a single entity prior to engagement.  

A Letter of Interest may accompany the submission of the below online form.  A formal Letter of Intent is accompanied by a signed Langenburg NDA, and Bank-Certified Proof-of-Funds to show the financial capability to pursue engagement.



     –  prospectus with case history qualifying the performance of the singular entity seeking engagement
     –  executive summary of the project with operations plan
     –  technical description with schematic diagram of systems, process and connections
     –  map, photos & diagrams of geographical location and summary of zoning and land-use
     –  overview of market factors regarding value of products resulting from project operations
     –  evidence of project site land ownership and control, and existing/ancillary facilities
     –  summary of purchase rates for power, water and waste remediation services
     –  disclosure of any potential encumbrances, required permits, certificates, etc...
     –  statement of the project's anticipated market value potential, with/without Langenburg upgrades


Projects introduced using the online form (below), preferably with a Letter of Interest, are followed-up with review and technical pre-screening.


Projects presented by formal Letters of Intent (LOI) are forwarded to Langenburg's Director of Projects for engineering-level investigation of opportunities, and to develop operational scenarios toward a required feasibility study.


The entity that will financially engage with Langenburg appoints a liaison representative to act legally on its behalf in the role of project development.

A formal letter of intent is authored on official letterhead of the entity pursuing engagement, with following attachments:

     –  signed nondisclosure agreement regarding Langenburg's proprietary confidential information

     –  bank certified proof-of-funds (or sovereign guarantee if applicable) for financial pre- ualification

     –  evidence of liaison representative's legal/corporate authority to act legally on client's behalf

     –  comprehensive prospectus, executive summary and technical description (outlined above)


Langenburg cannot consider, nor qualify prospective proposals made by independent finders or representatives, freelance agents or brokers, nor by marketing agencies, asset management firms, risk management firms, or investment firms.


After acceptance of the letter of intent and accompanying qualifying attachments, an invitation is sent to visit the headquarters office of Langenburg Global in Eugene Oregon.  The purpose of the visit is to develop the potential relationship, technology and operational scenario review, and to pursue the project-based engagement in compliance with Langenburg's Company Policy procedure.



Tours of Langenburg operational projects and facilities are coordinated directly with Langenburg Global headquarters.  Tours are available to parties who are in compliance with the Langenburg Company Policy procedure that are actively seeking engagement after submittal of signed Langenburg NDA, letter of intent, certified proof-of-funds, and after visiting Langenburg Global headquarters.

 ~ all disclosable information about Langenburg Technologies is presented on this website ~

Inquiries accepted from the proposed project's owner/controller, financially responsible to formally engage as a potential end-user of Langenburg tech accelerator services; in understanding Langenburg Company Policy described above.

Thank You –  the project will be reviewed by the team at Langenburg Global.


Media related to Langenburg equipment, products and services, both literary and visual featured on this official website and associated official social media sources are copyright  ©2023, servicemark (SM), and trademark (TM) by Langenburg Technologies, Langenburg Research, Langenburg Water Company and Langenburg Regenerative Spa Technologies.


Use of any Langenburg media is granted by express permission from Langenburg Global headquarters in Eugene, Oregon USA.  Langenburg routinely scouts for discovery of any online (and other) usage of its media.


Langenburg encourages online link sharing to its official website from other websites and various social media platforms.

The official website ( ), related Facebook and Linked-IN pages, are the only approved sources of written and visual media for Langenburg Technologies – no other entities or websites have been sanctioned to represent its interests, business model, products, development, intellectual property, nor any other aspect related to its history, core technology and associated services.


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