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For any liquid or slurrified solid intake, water is separated from its mixed components for pure isolated water in which the component byproducts are either reformed to energy and valued products, or destroyed.  Component byproducts can be converted into various molecular products or harvested to produce bulk isolated materials, and also used to produce carbon-free fuel as well as grid-ready power scalable to consumer demand.

Langenburg Systems operate without external power requirement, and without pollutive emissions. Capacities are scalable for industrial and civil infrastructure.


  • gigawatt-capacity power production for consumer power grid.

  • remediation of any waste, toxic and hazmat material.

  • salt (and mixed-component) extraction from seawater and industrial brines.

  • carbon-free fuel for steam-turbine power plants, also for diesel piston engines and jet-turbine engines.

  • water extraction from sewage in which the component byproduct slurry is converted.

  • upgrades to recycling plants such as those processing mixed plastics and organics by pyrolysis, where thermal processes are augmented and/or replaced by the Langenburg reformation process.


  • mixed solids

  • mixed liquids

  • atmosphere (air)


  • purified potable water for municipal tap supply

  • oxygenated premium drinking water for bottling

  • highly oxygenated medical-grade water

  • nutrient enriched, oxygenated farm irrigation and aquaponics water

  • carbon-free fuel

  • power for the consumer electrical grid

  • configurable material formulations and separated isolates

 A Langenburg Systems truck-mounted unit provides the following functions:  water isolation, treatment and purification;  material-to-energy conversion and destruction;  fuel and power production.  The intake capacity is 600,000-800,000 gallons per day.  90% of the intake's water content is isolated, treated and purified. The remaining component byproducts from the intake are converted to carbon-free fuel to operate a turbine-generator at 50 MW baseload capacity.  The system can also produce enough surplus fuel to operate steam turbines for a 600 MW power plant.

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Langenburg Systems are available from Langenburg Technologies, LLC through its executive headquarters in Eugene Oregon USA, and by referral to branch offices depending on location of proposed projects.


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